Excellent extreme distortion

Developed to overcome the limits imposed to date by the conventional distortion circuits, X-Stortion is the ultimate extreme distortion. A new an original system consisting of four analog valve simulators allows for unbelievable dynamic saturations. Two simulators are for generating the even harmonics, and two for generating the odd harmonics, cross-linked together (X).
The harmonics that are emphasized are self-bilancing and never unpleasant to hear. In particular, the second harmonic makes the guitar chords very powerful and scratchy. The resulting sound is never compressed, allowing the timbre of the instrument to remain always accurate, despite the very high gain. Particula attention was paid to the reduction of background noise (which is largely absent), and to the Eleven Electrix’s original three-band passive equalization, which allows a very precise and efficient frequency control, in order to adapt the timbre to any amp. In this way you can get very powerful bass even when using a combo amp with single cone. In addition, the electronic part dedicated to the signal input is designed to be able to control precisely the distortion by varying the volume of the instrument. Thanks to the innovative power supply system, the output signal is very high, allowing to overdrive the amp if necessary.

Technical Specifications

Passband bandwidth:
Input impedance:
Output impedance:
Maximum output signal:
Power supply:

Power consumption:



30Hz – 7.5kHz
Adjustable from 1dB to 78dB via the GAIN knob
12V RMS over 1kΩ
Three-band passive by original Eleven Electrix circuit
True bypass
External power supply 9V-15V DC (not included)
Battery 9V (not included)
100mA max at 15V when switched on
20mA at 9V when switched on
4mA at 9V while in bypass
Against overvoltage up to 60V RMS on input
Against reverse polarity
Stainless steel AISI430, thickness 1.5mm
900g, 2lbs
188mm x 117mm x 46mm, 7.4 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches

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